Best serves clients who are looking for design services for their kitchen and/or bathroom. Whether it be an upgrade to your current kitchen or a complete overhaul to your space, this full service design takes you from concept to completion. With a collaboration of KH Home Design’s team, we’re here to make sure your investment gives you a beautiful and functional space!

Short, sweet, and straight to the point. This service includes just the finishes. If you already have Kitchen plans but still want the Designer’s eye on your significant investment, this service is suited for you.
Plan Review is available as an add-on.

What’s included:

If you’re looking to keep your existing layout but upgrade the finishes, this service is suited for you. This straight forward service offers you all the finish selection and project execution to really upgrade your existing design into something unrecognizable. 

What’s included:

Completely renovate your space including a whole new layout. This full service plan allows so much more flexibility along with all the bells and whistles within your budget. Everything you need, including space planning, to transform your existing space into the one of your dreams. 

What’s included:

Step One: Let's Do This

All packages start with a complimentary Initial Design Call. We’ll chat briefly about your needs to ensure I’m the right Designer for you. 

Step Two: The Good Stuff

  • Where the all the design magic happens. Here, the design is presented to you for approval, you provide feedback and then stand back and watch my team bring the vision to life. We’re in this from concept to completion.
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Step Three: The Reveal

  • Pop the champagne and let me welcome you to your newly designed space! We’ll celebrate your project with a few special gifts. Then it’s time to kick back, put your feet up and unwind. 

Kim is a quality designer. She took our traditional colonial and updated it with a contemporary design that was practical for our young kids but also stylish. We thoroughly appreciated her attention to detail, reliability, and continual communication throughout the project. She offers flexible pricing options and was able to source items at a range of price points. She gave clear direction and gave us the confidence to make bolder decisions than we ever would have done otherwise.

Please book a call to request a custom quote.

How much will this
cost me?

Designer Upgrade: $25K+ or $150+/sq.ft.
Full Service: $75K+ or $450+/sq.ft.

Pricing above includes design and construction for a basic design. Most projects will exceed this pricing.

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